The first weekend in March, I was driving to my sister and brother-in-law’s house to help out with their kids. There was a thin layer of snow dusting the road. I knew I’d be okay; I’d driven on snow before. I was just outside of town when I was coming down a hill and lost control of the car. I tapped on the breaks and realized when I did it that was the stupidest thing. The car tipped on its side and started to roll, but it hit the dirt mound that was there. I know without a doubt I was watched over because it kept me from rolling over. I called Justin first thing and told him I was okay, but I didn’t think the car was. I then got a hold of my sister-in-law and told her what happened. I told her I’d find a way there to help, she said that she was glad I was okay and don’t worry about coming out. While waiting for Justin to come our neighbors son came down the same hill and saw me, he got out and asked if I was okay. I was, just my pride hurt. Justin and his dad came awhile later. We waited for a deputy to come out and assess the wreckage.

Justin drove the forester home while his dad drove me home. There was no broken windows, but there was major dents, broken side mirror, cracked taillight, and pieces on the bottom of the car were showing.

His parents were amazing and let us borrow their truck while we looked for a car.
A week later my sister-in-law and I decided when I’d do a LulaRoe party with her since she started selling those wonderful clothes a few months back. She told me that she had been thinking of a way to help us with our adoption fund. When she told me that most of the proceeds would go towards our adoption fun, I started crying.

We learned that I had totaled our car and that we would need to find another. We looked and looked for cars around our area and in Billings. We found some we liked but they were out of our price range.

The following week we went to Powell and test drove two Corollas. We then made our way to Cody to drive a Escape. I didn’t want to test drive the Escape because I knew it was way out of our price range. Justin gave them an offer and we went to eat and do our shopping. We didn’t think that they would accept our offer because it was much lower then what they wanted for it. We got done with shopping and went and got ice-cream when Justin got the call that they wanted us to come back to discuss the price. They accepted our offer and we were able to drive the beauty home!

A few weeks later we had my online and in-home party.  The LulaRoe parties were a hit and we had lots of people who supported us!

During this time I kept getting this thought that we should go down to Arizona to see my family since it would be our last time going down just Justin and I. I told Justin and he wasn’t sure we could afford it, but we made it work and at the end of the month we went and saw my family.

Our new car!



New Calling for church…

One Sunday around the end of last year the bishopric wanted to talk to Justin and I. They pulled us into one of the offices and asked how things were going. We told them that things were going good, and he thanked me for everything that I had done in the primary. As soon as he said that I was thinking, “NOOOOO! don’t release me; I love primary!” He asked if I would accept a calling in the Young Women’s presidency. I’ll be honest, I laughed at him! Relief Society and Young Women’s is scary for me, but I knew without a doubt that I needed to accept it. I asked who the president was, and it was one of my good friends in the ward, and the 2nd councilor was someone I knew but not as well. I accepted without thinking about it.

The first Sunday was nerve wracking to say the least because I’m not a very social person. I’m very shy so this calling would be very hard for me. Now I’m so grateful that I’m in Young Women’s. It honestly has been a very fun calling. The girls in the ward are so amazing, and they teach me something every time I’m around them. There are times when I feel inadequate for the calling because I know ladies in the ward that would be better qualified, but then “I don’t call the qualified, I qualify the called” comes to mind. After a few months of being in Young Women’s, I love the calling. I love the Young Women and I want the best for them.

I do miss Primary; I’ve always loved teaching in Primary. I’ve loved the little kids that I’ve taught while being in Primary whether it was here in Greybull or Otto.

Fundraiser Q&A

Hey Everyone!

We’ve had some good questions coming in so I’ll try to provide some answers. We’re posting these on the fundraiser page, our blog, and facebook so once you’ve read it, you won’t miss anything by not reading the other two.

What Agency are you going to use?

-We’ve chosen to use Catholic Charities of Wyoming. They are a non-profit adoption agency whose placement fees are based on our income (with a minimum of $5k and a maximum of $20k). Considering that for-profit agencies can charge 20k to 50k+ (and that’s not including international adoption prices), we thought this was much more attainable. Private adoptions could be even less, but we’ve been told that even the legal fees could be as high as $5k. This choice of agency is subject to change if for some unforeseen reason they do not accept our application. We’ve been through this stage before with a similar agency so we think things will go smoothly.

Why did we choose $10,000 dollars as our goal?

-First, make sure you read the Agency question right above this one. Second, this is not the exact price of an adoption, nor is it a number we pulled out of thin air. It’s a guess we’re making based on the fees from our currently chosen agency, travel costs, possible medical bills, and other incidentals (eg. background checks, fingerprinting, physicals). In all likelihood, the total cost will be more than our goal, but you didn’t think we were asking people to donate when we weren’t willing to come up with as much as we could on our own, right?

Do you have to reach your goal before you start?

-Nope! In fact we had already saved enough for the application fee before announcing this fundraiser! All that’s left to get things started is half of the $1000 home study fee. As of the time of this writing we’re over half way to that first “sub-goal” of $500. Once we reach that, we’ll get things rolling as fast as we can.

Should I tell you if I know someone who is considering placing a child for adoption?

-Absolutely Positively Unequivocally Unquestionably YES!

Feel free to continue asking us questions on facebook or our blog at We will make posts here from time to time when we reach milestones along our path so check back often. On the flip side of that, we’ll try not to talk your ear off either. The longest (and hardest part in our opinion) is the waiting and hoping to find and be chosen by a birth-mother. We don’t want to use up your patience with us during that phase.

We want to thank everyone who’s donated and/or shared our posts of facebook. We really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!

We’re Gonna Giv’er Another Go!

Kim and I have decided that we’re going to try again to adopt. If you don’t already know, we had completed the preliminary paperwork and had a completed home-study with LDS Family Services for a couple years before they stopped being an adoption agency to focus on counseling. That change was back in 2014 and we have been trying to decide what we wanted and what was the right path for us. Now we’ve determined that it’s time to try again. Unfortunately, it’s expensive. But we’re hoping with a bit of luck, and no small amount of pleading and begging, that maybe some people out there with big hearts would lend a hand. We’re going to start an online fundraiser to see if we can’t speed things up this time around. Once it’s been set up, I’ll post the link here and probably shamelessly all over social media so watch for that coming soon.

11 Years!! … Wow

I can’t believe its been 11 years since J and I got married.  I still get butterflies remembering our wedding day.

I still remember how he proposed.  We had went and picked out a ring awhile back and I wasn’t sure when he’d do it.   We were on the floor of his Phx apartment packing up since we were moving to Chicago with his friends. He got up and said “hold on, be right back”.   I stay there and finish what I’m doing.  He comes back, sits on the floor and says “Kimberly, I love you, will you make me the happiest man in the world?”  Of course I said yes.

We’ve had our challenges and trials from day 1 of getting engaged.  But we’ve also have had the best days of our lives.  As I look back and realize that some of those trials as much as I hated/disliked/couldn’t stand we had to go through them to make us stronger.

It does make me sad that I’ve not been able to bring children into our family in this time.  I know the Lord is aware of my heart and my feelings.  He’s made a promise and I know He will keep it.

Here’s to more years to come! I love you babe!
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Justin’s Birthday weekend 2015

At the beginning of the year I told Justin that I wanted to go camping this year at least twice.  As the months flew by we planted our garden and watched it thrive. Our wonderful neighbors said they’d water our lawn/garden, (they did an awesome job) I’m sure Beau had a blast turning on and off the water.  I told J the week I wanted to go (it was the weekend of his birthday) so we reserved our campsite a week before and I started making my list.

On Monday before we left to go to Cody I had a little helper help me water my garden, he found out it is funny to spray his mommy and I.  Then he wanted to carry Tempe around so I helped him :D.  J and I went to Cody as soon as he got home from work.  We went to Shiki’s for dinner since it was his birthday dinner, then we went shopping for our camping trip.




King Crab and Yellowstone Rolls
The noodles remind of Mongolian.  (Super YUMMY!!!)

Thursday (8/13) was his birthday and I knew his parents wanted to do a family dinner.  We invited Marce and her little boy Beau to the party.  We went and got Cecily (Brandon and Stephanies little girl) she is staying with her other grandparents since Stephanie is still with little Gage. (Stephanie was pregnant with twins Barrett and Gage. They came a few months early and Barrett went back to live with Heavenly Father. Gage is a fighter and is doing good!).  After getting Cecily we went and got Marce and Beau. It was super cute when we were on our way to J’s parents house I’d blow my nose and Cecily would want to blow her nose also, then after awhile she’d give me her Kleenex. Cecily wasn’t sure of Beau at first but she warmed up awhile later and had fun with him!  It was so fun watching them play together.



That night we packed and prepared tin foil dinners and breakfast burritos since we were leaving the next morning. I was excited because the weather had been in the high 90’s and it was time for a cool few days. We didn’t get up there till after 1 and it was a little cooler then it was down in town, but not much. His parents came and joined us for dinner that night.
Saturday night Justin went to air up the air mattress and not even 10 seconds later it popped. That night I kept hearing some scratching and running around and J goes “its just squirrels” and I believed him.
Sunday it was cold!  We were wearing our jackets all day and by 3 I needed a blanket (I was even sitting next to the fire and was still cold).
Monday morning I’m getting ready for the day and I see a bag move up and down and I’m like “crap there is something inside the tent with me or under the tent.” As Justin takes the tent down and starts folding it up I see him trying to kick something and ask what it was, his response “a mouse!” HA it wasn’t a squirrel lol!  The mouse kept going back to the tent and we don’t want to bring it back with us. So I take Tempe over there thinking that she’ll chase it, nope she bites it lol.  Justin felt bad so he put it out of its misery and I walked back to the picnic table.  I hear “there is another one!” So we had two mice under our tent lol.  That mouse got away, which is probably a good thing I know a little dog that would want to play with it lol. It seemed like the weather got cooler and cooler with each day. Each meal brought certain entertainment, squirrels mating, squirrels chasing each other, birds eating Tempe’s food. Sunday night I heard the same noises and J said it was the squirrels and I believed it. I love being up in the mountains, I remember camping every year with my family.
Enjoy the pictures!

Its so cute!!

First night of camping



This bird is so pretty!






Love, love this guy!


DSCN4344 We saw a mom and a baby moose!!






I had fun taking pictures of the fire.


Did you know that if you burn the wrapper of a Andi’s Mint the fire burns green for a little bit? No? Well it does!  We learned that a few years ago while camping with some of J’s family.








The hole in the air mattress