What a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This year, as I thought about what I’m thankful for, I came up with a lot of things. Here’s a few that I will share. I have a wonderful husband who loves me; who I get to spend forever with. I am so blessed to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know my heart, wants, and wishes, and that they do have a plan for me. I have be blessed with 2 beautiful little girls I watch, I have learned so much from them and I still learn each and everyday. I have wonderful in-laws who have helped us in so many ways. I have a wonderful family who loves me, and I am so thankful to know that this life isn’t the end. After losing two grandparents and one aunt, I am so thankful to know that I will see them again.

For Thanksgiving, Justin’s mom was trying to get everything in order so that way when everyone came, the house would be in order.  It was a very crazy time!! It is always crazy when everyone comes home, but it is always fun!  Marshall and Hannah came with their two wonderful kids Callin and Lindsey. Lindsey was a little shy at first since it has been a year since she has seen us.  After Marshall and Hannah, Tommy and Sumer came in. About an hour later Kris, Angela, and their boys: Brayton, Mondell, Weston and Campbell came. It was nice to catch up and see them. The next day I called my family to wish them all a happy Thanksgiving and apologize for not being able to make it. My father was on the phone with me and he was telling me that this would be my grandmother and grandfather Martin’s last Thanksgiving. It still makes me teary eyed when I think of not being able to see them. I called my grandma Martin next and told her that it we were going to come down for Christmas that we both got the week off.  She told me “I promise I’ll see you here.” I’m hoping and praying that the Lord will let her keep her promise to let her see me in person for Christmas. After I got off the phone with her, I called my grandma Robinson and told her everything. I’m excited to be able to visit Arizona for Christmas.

Thursday (Thanksgiving) was a lot of fun.  All the small grandsons and Lindsey wrestled with Justin (it was really cute).  (I did get pictures, but my phone has been acting up and I re-did it, and forgot to save the pictures to my laptop….DOH!!!!). I thought I had learned my lesson last time, but apparently I didn’t lol. Thursday afternoon (around 1:30) Justin’s mom comes in from the kitchen and tells everyone that we are taking pictures. I hurry and get ready (I was so happy Brandon brought Stephanie!!!!!). We all go outside even his grandparents, and each family got a picture with them.  Seriously so sweet!! Friday Justin had to work, my boss (I guess you can call her that?!?) told me that I could have the days after Wednesday off because they were going to her parents house for Thanksgiving.  That day was J’s grandpa’s birthday. After work J came home and played with his nephews and niece (all day I had a follower and so did Tempe).  Lindsey became my buddy (and always does when she comes to visit grandma and grandpa).  That night Hannah came up to me and asked if we’d be willing to watch the kids while they went to the Temple with mom and dad, I was excited!  It would give J and I more time with them :D.  I of course said yes and told J he seemed happy with it.  Saturday came and Kris and Angela were getting ready to leave since Sunday Kris had to be there at church the next day.  After they left Justin and I packed up Callin, Lindsey, and Tempe and drove to the park!  We had a blast!!!!  When I went to go get a drink I started watching them and J was helping them do the teeter totter and thought “man I want kids”.  I have always wanted children, but the thought came in strong when I saw him playing with them.  It was seriously so cute to watch them play!   When we came back Lindsey tells me that she wants J and I to be her mommy and daddy lol.  When we told them that their parents were home they both went “awww….. I don’t  want them  here” I was like “You know your parents would miss you if you stayed with us.”  They went and saw them and I told them what they said and what I said (also telling mom and dad T).  An hour or so later Hannah had come upstairs and I was telling her that they were really good and that Callin did practice the piano.  She said “Lindsey was saying she doesn’t want me to be her mommy anymore, I asked oh? Who do you want to be your mommy? Then Lindsey replied “Kimmie””.  I felt good but bad at the same time because they do have awesome parents, and I was glad that she liked me enough to want me to be her mommy.  Can’t believe how fast that week went!


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