Over many rivers, through a couple woods, and what felt like a bazillion miles of freeway, to Arizona we went. It was a very long way to drive, but it was a lot of fun to spend Christmas with Kim’s family for a change. We’ve flown down for our last handful of trips, but this time we wanted: 1. room to take and bring home presents  2. a vehicle to get around in while we were there  3. to bring our dog Tempe with us.

That # 3 turned out to be good, but also a pain. Just a few days into our trip, Tempe started to be in heat so out came the diapers. This made it difficult because much of the time she needed to be outside, there were male dogs that we needed to keep her away from, and if Tempe is outside, diaper or no, she thinks it’s OK to “go.” Couldn’t really blame her, but man what a mess sometimes. However, it was much better than the guilt of leaving her with my Parents and it happening while we were gone.

Now on to less gross stuff. We had a great trip. We visited both Kim’s Grandma Robinson and her Grandparents Martin. Who knows when and if we’ll see the latter again, so it was really great to get to go. Christmas morning was nice, and since there were no children, we slept in and didn’t open presents until between 11 and noon.

Thursday, after what she will describe as an eternity, Kim finally had an appointment to get her hair cut and colored. Then after what felt like that same amount of time, she was done and we could start the drive over to her sister’s home south of Mesa. We were rushing as fast as we could because they were waiting on Kim for a “girls night out.” Friday was full of taking family pictures and then a date night for all the couples (except Brent and Diane who made it all possible by watching their grandkids). We went to Olive Garden for dinner and then we were treated to some delicious gelato for dessert.

Saturday was extra special because I was able to stand in the circle as Jordan (Kim’s brother) blessed his son Gabriel. We hadn’t taken any dress clothes, but a speed record shopping trip through a nearby Walmart, and I was good to go. Finally after some food, hugs, and goodbyes we headed out on the long drive home.

TL;DR: Road trips = great to go, great to get home.
(for the uninitiated that acronym is Too Long; Didn’t Read)

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