Onto the New Year!!

I know its late and all, but I have been meaning to do this for sometime now.  Last year had brought many tears, blessings, wishes, wants and a car breakdown.  I was hoping that last year was the year that we’d be parents, but alas it wasn’t in Heavenly Father’s plan for us. I’m glad that year is over with!

I’m so thankful for the opportunity that I get to babysit the two little girls that I do. I went into work on the 28th and was told by H that they were starting to ween K off the bottle and potty training! (I’ll be honest I was FREAKING OUT!!  I had NEVER potty trained anyone before). Many of you are asking “How old is K?” she is 17 months old, then another question you may ask is “isn’t that a little early to be potty training?” I wouldn’t know honestly?!? They said they did it with P and she did good with it.  I am actually glad I get to experience this, so I can learn and do this with our own children. That first day she went 3 times in the potty, I was so proud of her. The next day was a little frustrating because every time I would have her sit on the pot, I’d wait 3-5 minutes and then put on her pull up and as soon as she walks out of the bathroom she would go. I know this will take a lot of time and patience. I am so proud of her though for going when she did!  She is getting so big and it seems like I just started not so long ago. P was talking to me on Monday and I looked at her and thought “when did she get so big?” I thought back when I first started (1 year and 1 month ago) and realized how much I’ve grown and learned from these two beautiful girls. I’ve been told by countless people how this opportunity to babysit these little girls has changed me. I honestly didn’t see it until we were in Arizona for Christmas.  We were at my sisters house in Queen Creek. 3 of my nephews were having a disagreement, and then Braxton started to get mad so I went and helped them come up with a plan to share where everyone got a turn. I went back in the kitchen where my mom was and she looked at me and just smiled. She said something that hit me hard, and I realized at that time that I had changed, and it was for the better. She said something along the lines of …. “those girls have done wonders for you.”  I agreed that they had, because I probably wouldn’t have handled that situation as well as I should have if I wasn’t babysitting those girls.

We finally got a number back from the bank on what they are willing to give us to build a house.  I’m excited that the process is finally starting to happen.

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