House Hunting!!!!

Justin and I have been house hunting for a few years. While I was working we were thinking of building one, but that plan stopped when I wasn’t working anymore.  We’ve been praying for awhile that we’d find a house that would fit our needs.  We saw one that had a beautiful yard and a fenced in back yard also :D. On March 7th we went to Utah to see some of my family since they were driving up to my sisters house (will be another post).  It was such a good weekend away!
When we got back Justin called the realtor to see if we could go look at the house, but she said the man isn’t going to be selling it anymore.  So back to square one.   A few days later Justin emailed me a house that was just put up on the market, but I didn’t even want to look at it because it didn’t have what I wanted.  While talking to my Mom, Grandma Robinson, praying, Justin, and his parents I realized that I needed to go look at it.  We got an appointment to go look at the house. Before I left to go look at it, I prayed that if this was the right house for us, Justin, his parents, and I would feel it.  There is a covered porch, kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom upstairs, family room, bedroom and 3/4 bathroom (shower, toilet and sink) downstairs.   When we left we all felt it was nice and that we should move forward to see what we could do to purchase it.

We made an offer on the house and then they made a counteroffer that same night.  We are now in the process of waiting 60 days :D.

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