I can’t believe its already February!!

Did January go by fast for you? I know it did for us!!

At the first of the month, Justin’s brother Brandon and his wife Stephanie had their little girl Cecily.  We are so excited for them to have this bundle of joy! We went the night she was born and got to hold her.


We had an awesome month!  I had seen a lot of people do 3D mascara on facebook and I thought I’d give it a try since I have really little eyelashes.  When I first used them, I could see a difference in how they look thicker and darker.  I was pleased with it!

I ordered some makeup remover from Mary Kay and the person I bought it from sent me a sample of a perfume!  Holy Cow!!! LOVED IT!!  I told Justin that if he wanted, he could get that for me for my birthday!  He also liked the smell so it wasn’t hard to persuade him.


Justin and I have also been doing a lot of “DIY” (Do It Yourself) type of stuff.  We’ve done Toothpaste (which is nice because it can get expensive), deodorant (we are still figuring out a good one for me, I either have rashes or itching.  We didn’t realize I had such sensitive skin.) We also do our own Laundry Soap.  My sister Kristen had told me about the recipie she uses.  Her kids have very sensitive skin, and so I thought “it wouldn’t hurt anything, what do I have to lose?” We tried a sample of hers and loved it!! Tonight I taught my mother in law how to make the laundry soap as well!! I think she really enjoyed it :D.


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