So beautiful!!

This past Sunday, as we were on our way to church, it was snowing pretty hard. Usually when it snows this hard they cancel church. We were about 1/2 there when my co-teacher in Nursery called me, and told me that it had been cancelled. We turned around carefully (since the roads weren’t plowed yet), and headed back home. When we got home, the snow was about ankle deep, and Justin made paths and shoveled the snow off the cement. About 1-2 hours later, he had to do it again because it was like he hadn’t done it the first time. Here are a few of the pictures!

1607090_10152214352402430_1064196807_n 1623584_10152214352317430_1601019107_n 1743589_10152214352177430_1542433769_n

This picture is my favorite of all!! I took this out the back door!!


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