Valentines weekend!!

This Valentine’s day I thought it would be nice to surprise Justin with staying the weekend in Billings and eating at Red Lobster. I’m not generally a sea food person, but I do love certain kinds. I had to tell him my idea so it wasn’t as much of a surprise as I wanted, but it was close enough. Then we decided that since we were going to purchase a car, we needed to save some money and stay in Cody instead of Billings. Friday night we went to a Japanese restaurant and waited in line for 20-30 minutes. After dinner we went to see “The Lego Movie”. It was funny! After that we went to the hotel and crashed since we were both so tired!

In the morning Justin and I went out and looked at the first car we were thinking of buying. We liked what we saw. Next we went to Powell to look at another car, but it had already been sold. We left, said a little prayer, and we both felt that we should buy the first one we looked at.

Subaru Forester!




We finally purchased our very first car (instead of hand-me-downs)!! Justin and I knew that the Malibu that we have won’t last much longer. We know that we have been and still are being blessed that the Malibu has lasted so long. We’ve had it for 7-8 years, and my parents had it for a few years before they gave it to us.

After we purchased it, Justin and I drove home and dropped it off. We played with Tempe for about an hour and then went back to Cody. After dinner we went shopping and then went to Wyogurt!!

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