Its been awhile.

Its been awhile since I’ve updated our blog! Sorry!!

I’ll update everyone!
In February we found out that Brandon and Stephanie was pregnant with twins.  I was super happy for them, but I was mad with Heavenly Father.   I had the thoughts to yell and scream and cry at him, but I didn’t.  (We heard about it Sunday Night). Monday I called my mom and talked her about what I was feeling.  She told me that she’d pray for me that I wouldn’t get pregnant but that I would get an answer to my prayers.  Tuesday I called my dad and talked to him about it.  He told me that my life right now was like Job (in the Bible) and how he had everything he ever wanted then he lost it, everyone told him to curse God.  He never did!  He was blessed 10 fold because of it.  My dad went on saying that if I curse God for our situation we wouldn’t be blessed.  I was like “Dad I won’t curse Him, I just wanted to yell.”  He went on telling me that yelling at Him is just like cursing him, he told me that I will be blessed 20 fold if I do what the Lord wants me to do. I had been praying in my mind and heart that I would know I would be a mother in this life, its in my patriarchal blessing that I would be a mother. I finally broke down and ask J for a blessing Wednesday night before we went to bed.  At the end of the blessing J paused and said “Motherhood is part of the plan He has for you.”  I started crying.  I knew that was an answer to my many, many prayers.

In May my parents made a trip up here to visit.  My dad’s first time ever visiting in the 8 years that we’ve lived here and my mom’s 3rd full visit.  (My mom has been up here twice before but only for 1 full day.)  They were going to bring up my organ that my grandmother gave me but we all felt that it would have be another trip and they’d just bring my mom’s car.  They came Sunday May 17 and we tried to cram a lot of fun activities in the few days they had here.  That night we went and showed them the boat dock and the walking path a few blocks from our house. 

Tempe sure did love having them come and visit!

Monday we went to the Buffalo Bill Museum.  It was amazing!  My first time ever going!  We have decided that when we don’t have the cat anymore we are going to try to get everyone to come up here and go all together since my brother in laws would love the gun area and my nephews would love the animal area.   


IMG_5921 The eyes on this drawing looked like it followed you it was crazy!



For dinner we took them to Shiki’s its a Japanese restaurant in Cody.  Many of you know I am not a fan of seafood at all, well I only like certain things.  BUT I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their sushi!

She did figure out how to use the chopsticks after awhile :D.

IMG_6006King Crab Roll, California Roll, Yellowstone Roll and some Asparagus roll.

The next day we had our awesome neighbor/friend and her little boy come over for lunch and play.  After that we started dinner in the crockpot and went up the mountain.


We came back down put the funeral potatoes in the oven while J went and to see if he could get our tire fixed.  (The sucky thing about that is that a few months before we went to Laramie to see our friends daughter get baptized and we had to replace all 4 tires).  They wouldn’t be able to replace it till Thursday so we used my parents car the rest of the time they were here.  That night we went over to Brandon and Stephanie’s house for dinner so my parents could meet Stephanie and Cecily.  We had ham and funeral potatoes, YUMMY!

Wednesday Justin had a dentist apt the next day in Cody so we got in their car and went to Cody again.  We dropped J off and my parents and I walked down main-street and may or may not have bought lots of stuff.  A few hours later J texted to let me know he was ready to be picked up.  After picking him up we went to Walmart to get his prescription filled and get a deadbolt for our back door.  While waiting for his prescription we (Justin didn’t eat anything, he wasn’t hungry) ate Subway.  When we got home we had the Jolley’s come over and visit for a few hours!  So Glad my parents got to meet them.

The next day they left.  It was hard on me, I wanted them to stay longer.
Friday night after J got off work we set out to go to Utah to visit with my sister and her family for the weekend.


IMG_6047 We got to meet my newest nephew Bennett :D.  He’s such a cutie!

He’s going to be such a great father!


This this is actually super high (and knowing me I am afraid of hights) I went almost to the top.  Got to the 4th section (right before the top) and had enough.  I told myself to just keep going since I am almost there but I was freaking myself out so I had to get down.

The following Sunday we left.  We had to go a different route because the Wind River Canyon was closed due to rock, mud slides.  We didn’t get home till super late that night.

I’ll update more later!

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