Windstorm and Birthday Cards

A week ago I had gotten an alert on my phone that we were under a sever thunderstorm warning (if you know me I love thunderstorms, I really miss the monsoon seasons in Arizona).  I laughed it off and sent a picture of it to Justin and Marce and told them “Yeah right! I don’t believe it.”  Not more then 10 minutes later Marce texts back and says “I am starting to believe it.”  I look outside and its pretty windy.  So I start believing it a little.  I go back to working on my digital scrap-booking and get another text 20 minutes later from Marce saying “hey I like your new trampoline.”  I was so confused so I look in the front and nothing, look in the back and this is what I saw.

Our neighbors trampoline that lives across the ally

I went outside and took a picture awhile later Justin walks in and I tell him to come look outside and he goes “Is the fence down again?” (The old looking fence used to be a building and the last time we had a bad wind storm half of it was down.) He came and looked, I was telling him how it was angled it would have hit our neighbors on the other side and he goes “nope, if the tree wasn’t there it would have hit our house.”
After the storm (well wind and rain (darnit)) we went to go get dinner when we saw the owner and the neighbor a house down trying to figure out how to take it down we decided to stay and help.  Marce, her mom and her boy came out and told us that she saw the trampoline go over the fence roll a few times and then flew into the tree.  We are so glad that it didn’t hit anyone’s car or house.  The owner kept apologizing and we kept telling him that it is okay no harm was done.
The corn, squash, and the cucumbers blew >> that way and if the tomatoes weren’t in the metal tomato holders they would have blown that way also.  Saturday the corn start standing up straight again until a few nights ago now they are blown the other way lol.

We’ve gotten lots of green beans a few squash, okra, a few cucumbers and radishes (we planted more last month) from it a few days ago.  I even noticed we have little green tomatoes and 2 ears of corn.

I have decided to start making birthday cards for my nephews/niece for the birthday. Little Braxton was the first for me to do it.  I’m am so glad he loved it!  I made one for Marce’s little boy and now I’m starting one for little Thomas.
Here is the one for Marce’s little boy, his name goes under “happy birthday”.

Bday card Beaus bday card


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