We’re Gonna Giv’er Another Go!

Kim and I have decided that we’re going to try again to adopt. If you don’t already know, we had completed the preliminary paperwork and had a completed home-study with LDS Family Services for a couple years before they stopped being an adoption agency to focus on counseling. That change was back in 2014 and we have been trying to decide what we wanted and what was the right path for us. Now we’ve determined that it’s time to try again. Unfortunately, it’s expensive. But we’re hoping with a bit of luck, and no small amount of pleading and begging, that maybe some people out there with big hearts would lend a hand. We’re going to start an online fundraiser to see if we can’t speed things up this time around. Once it’s been set up, I’ll post the link here and probably shamelessly all over social media so watch for that coming soon.

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