Our Sealing to Josie

The first date that we had planned to have Josie sealed to us was December 30 2017.
We got to the airport in Cody at 12:50 pm, it was snowing hard! We checked in and waited awhile. Josie threw up and it got all over her blanket and clothes. Justin’s Aunt and Uncle live a few miles away and we decided to go get her cleaned up while we waited out the storm. They kept delaying the flight over and over again. 6:40 pm J received a text saying that the flights were canceled and they didn’t even think the flight that was supposed to come in will even fly in. We called up my parents and let them know, it was still snowing pretty hard. We walked into Wendy’s for dinner and decided to reschedule the sealing, then the snow stopped. They weren’t supposed to get snow that day, they got more than 6 inches of snow. We drove to Justin’s parents house and let them know what was going on.
We were excited to know that they would be able to join us!

We made a new date for our sealing on February 17 in the Gilbert, Arizona Temple.

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