Fundraiser Q&A

Hey Everyone!

We’ve had some good questions coming in so I’ll try to provide some answers. We’re posting these on the fundraiser page, our blog, and facebook so once you’ve read it, you won’t miss anything by not reading the other two.

What Agency are you going to use?

-We’ve chosen to use Catholic Charities of Wyoming. They are a non-profit adoption agency whose placement fees are based on our income (with a minimum of $5k and a maximum of $20k). Considering that for-profit agencies can charge 20k to 50k+ (and that’s not including international adoption prices), we thought this was much more attainable. Private adoptions could be even less, but we’ve been told that even the legal fees could be as high as $5k. This choice of agency is subject to change if for some unforeseen reason they do not accept our application. We’ve been through this stage before with a similar agency so we think things will go smoothly.

Why did we choose $10,000 dollars as our goal?

-First, make sure you read the Agency question right above this one. Second, this is not the exact price of an adoption, nor is it a number we pulled out of thin air. It’s a guess we’re making based on the fees from our currently chosen agency, travel costs, possible medical bills, and other incidentals (eg. background checks, fingerprinting, physicals). In all likelihood, the total cost will be more than our goal, but you didn’t think we were asking people to donate when we weren’t willing to come up with as much as we could on our own, right?

Do you have to reach your goal before you start?

-Nope! In fact we had already saved enough for the application fee before announcing this fundraiser! All that’s left to get things started is half of the $1000 home study fee. As of the time of this writing we’re over half way to that first “sub-goal” of $500. Once we reach that, we’ll get things rolling as fast as we can.

Should I tell you if I know someone who is considering placing a child for adoption?

-Absolutely Positively Unequivocally Unquestionably YES!

Feel free to continue asking us questions on facebook or our blog at We will make posts here from time to time when we reach milestones along our path so check back often. On the flip side of that, we’ll try not to talk your ear off either. The longest (and hardest part in our opinion) is the waiting and hoping to find and be chosen by a birth-mother. We don’t want to use up your patience with us during that phase.

We want to thank everyone who’s donated and/or shared our posts of facebook. We really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!

We’re Gonna Giv’er Another Go!

Kim and I have decided that we’re going to try again to adopt. If you don’t already know, we had completed the preliminary paperwork and had a completed home-study with LDS Family Services for a couple years before they stopped being an adoption agency to focus on counseling. That change was back in 2014 and we have been trying to decide what we wanted and what was the right path for us. Now we’ve determined that it’s time to try again. Unfortunately, it’s expensive. But we’re hoping with a bit of luck, and no small amount of pleading and begging, that maybe some people out there with big hearts would lend a hand. We’re going to start an online fundraiser to see if we can’t speed things up this time around. Once it’s been set up, I’ll post the link here and probably shamelessly all over social media so watch for that coming soon.


Over many rivers, through a couple woods, and what felt like a bazillion miles of freeway, to Arizona we went. It was a very long way to drive, but it was a lot of fun to spend Christmas with Kim’s family for a change. We’ve flown down for our last handful of trips, but this time we wanted: 1. room to take and bring home presents  2. a vehicle to get around in while we were there  3. to bring our dog Tempe with us.

That # 3 turned out to be good, but also a pain. Just a few days into our trip, Tempe started to be in heat so out came the diapers. This made it difficult because much of the time she needed to be outside, there were male dogs that we needed to keep her away from, and if Tempe is outside, diaper or no, she thinks it’s OK to “go.” Couldn’t really blame her, but man what a mess sometimes. However, it was much better than the guilt of leaving her with my Parents and it happening while we were gone.

Now on to less gross stuff. We had a great trip. We visited both Kim’s Grandma Robinson and her Grandparents Martin. Who knows when and if we’ll see the latter again, so it was really great to get to go. Christmas morning was nice, and since there were no children, we slept in and didn’t open presents until between 11 and noon.

Thursday, after what she will describe as an eternity, Kim finally had an appointment to get her hair cut and colored. Then after what felt like that same amount of time, she was done and we could start the drive over to her sister’s home south of Mesa. We were rushing as fast as we could because they were waiting on Kim for a “girls night out.” Friday was full of taking family pictures and then a date night for all the couples (except Brent and Diane who made it all possible by watching their grandkids). We went to Olive Garden for dinner and then we were treated to some delicious gelato for dessert.

Saturday was extra special because I was able to stand in the circle as Jordan (Kim’s brother) blessed his son Gabriel. We hadn’t taken any dress clothes, but a speed record shopping trip through a nearby Walmart, and I was good to go. Finally after some food, hugs, and goodbyes we headed out on the long drive home.

TL;DR: Road trips = great to go, great to get home.
(for the uninitiated that acronym is Too Long; Didn’t Read)

The Pirate Fluffy Beard!

I wasn’t able to stop Kim from getting a Halloween outfit for Tempe. The poor defenseless dog will never forgive me :'( acutally she couldn’t care less except for the hat. You don’t see it in the picture because she’s already got it half way off.

We took her with us to the Trunk’er Treat at the park in Otto. She had a great time trying to wrap her leash around everyone’s feet. She also had a whole herd of little girls following her around wanting to pet her.