Valentines weekend!!

This Valentine’s day I thought it would be nice to surprise Justin with staying the weekend in Billings and eating at Red Lobster. I’m not generally a sea food person, but I do love certain kinds. I had to tell him my idea so it wasn’t as much of a surprise as I wanted, but it was close enough. Then we decided that since we were going to purchase a car, we needed to save some money and stay in Cody instead of Billings. Friday night we went to a Japanese restaurant and waited in line for 20-30 minutes. After dinner we went to see “The Lego Movie”. It was funny! After that we went to the hotel and crashed since we were both so tired!

In the morning Justin and I went out and looked at the first car we were thinking of buying. We liked what we saw. Next we went to Powell to look at another car, but it had already been sold. We left, said a little prayer, and we both felt that we should buy the first one we looked at.

Subaru Forester!




We finally purchased our very first car (instead of hand-me-downs)!! Justin and I knew that the Malibu that we have won’t last much longer. We know that we have been and still are being blessed that the Malibu has lasted so long. We’ve had it for 7-8 years, and my parents had it for a few years before they gave it to us.

After we purchased it, Justin and I drove home and dropped it off. We played with Tempe for about an hour and then went back to Cody. After dinner we went shopping and then went to Wyogurt!!

So beautiful!!

This past Sunday, as we were on our way to church, it was snowing pretty hard. Usually when it snows this hard they cancel church. We were about 1/2 there when my co-teacher in Nursery called me, and told me that it had been cancelled. We turned around carefully (since the roads weren’t plowed yet), and headed back home. When we got home, the snow was about ankle deep, and Justin made paths and shoveled the snow off the cement. About 1-2 hours later, he had to do it again because it was like he hadn’t done it the first time. Here are a few of the pictures!

1607090_10152214352402430_1064196807_n 1623584_10152214352317430_1601019107_n 1743589_10152214352177430_1542433769_n

This picture is my favorite of all!! I took this out the back door!!


I can’t believe its already February!!

Did January go by fast for you? I know it did for us!!

At the first of the month, Justin’s brother Brandon and his wife Stephanie had their little girl Cecily.  We are so excited for them to have this bundle of joy! We went the night she was born and got to hold her.


We had an awesome month!  I had seen a lot of people do 3D mascara on facebook and I thought I’d give it a try since I have really little eyelashes.  When I first used them, I could see a difference in how they look thicker and darker.  I was pleased with it!

I ordered some makeup remover from Mary Kay and the person I bought it from sent me a sample of a perfume!  Holy Cow!!! LOVED IT!!  I told Justin that if he wanted, he could get that for me for my birthday!  He also liked the smell so it wasn’t hard to persuade him.

Justin and I have also been doing a lot of “DIY” (Do It Yourself) type of stuff.  We’ve done Toothpaste (which is nice because it can get expensive), deodorant (we are still figuring out a good one for me, I either have rashes or itching.  We didn’t realize I had such sensitive skin.) We also do our own Laundry Soap.  My sister Kristen had told me about the recipie she uses.  Her kids have very sensitive skin, and so I thought “it wouldn’t hurt anything, what do I have to lose?” We tried a sample of hers and loved it!! Tonight I taught my mother in law how to make the laundry soap as well!! I think she really enjoyed it :D.


Goodbye 2013!!

Well 2013, I gotta say you were a bittersweet year. I am glad to see you go because I am hoping your friend 2014 will be a better year. Lets have a little review of what happened last year….


Birthday Gifts

My birthday came and went and got some awesome stuff.  Learned how to potty train, ween off the bottle.  It was a fun month.



Justin and I celebrated another Valentines day.  I made cookies with the girls and picture lady bugs.



Justin bought me a new ring.  On my wedding ring, the main diamond bracket keeps coming loose so I don’t wear it.  I have tried to have it fixed, but it came loose again. Justin’s brother and his wife got married!



We got snow this month, and it was nice to go out and play in it with the girls.  We love to go out and play in the snow.



The “why so serious” dog!  At work a robin kept laying her beautiful eggs in the children’s playhouse.  Their parent’s didn’t like that much at all.



We had a tornado near Burlington, it was amazing!!!

“One week after Moore, Oklahoma was ripped in half by a tornado residents of the Big Horn Basin had has a scare of their own when several reports of a funnel cloud tunnel were received by the national weather service and park county sheriff’s department.

Since then there have been water cooler talk of three or more tornadoes on that day. To clear up the air swirling around Monday’s reported tornado National Weather Service severe weather coordinator Chris Jones” It was a EF0, 25mph and no damage and no one was hurt.  Justin’s grandma called and told us. I was on the phone with my grandma Martin and told her. We went and tried to chase it, but by the time we got halfway down the road the clouds were already going away.  We chased the clouds up to the Mountains.
A few days later we had a HUGE hailstorm that ruined crops and gardens.  Justin’s parents celebrated their 40th Anniversary and were gone for a week. We were blessed because his mom’s garden was spared.



Justin’s cousin Taylor got married in Star Valley, and we made our way there.  When we got to his aunt and uncle’s house there was a Tornado Warning.  We also went camping that month and it was super nice to get out and about.



I made my first batch of homemade salsa!! I was so excited, and it was so fun. I wanted to make more :D. Justin’s birthday was this month.  At the end of August we went down to Utah to see my sister and her family.  It was a lot of fun to catch up and see her two awesome boys.




The people I was babysitting for found a daycare/preschool for the girls and so they didn’t need me anymore.  We got hail bad this month again!  I felt so bad for the farmers. I started doing digital Scrapbooking and feel in love with it.



I decided to take a trip down to Arizona to see my family for a few months.  I wanted to see my grandmother before she passed away.

Gma and Kim 2

This beautiful, amazing, wonderful woman passed away a few days before I could go see her.  I know she didn’t want me to see her the way she was.  I love this lady so very much, she has helped me overcome so much trails.  I got to see some cousins who I haven’t seen in over 15 years.  I was told by my grandfather that I would receive the painting of my grandmother.

Gma Martin


Tempe, Harley, Nellie

We went down to Arizona for Thanksgiving since its been 8 years since we’ve been there.  I’m glad we did because I got to see my grandfather!!  The day we were to leave I got the stomach flu. My parents gave me some anti-nausea meds and some pedialyte. Then my dad and Justin gave me a blessing.  We didn’t leave my parents house as early as we had hoped, but it was okay. I don’t remember the rest of that day at all.

The next morning we got into a car accident. The roads were slick, and we ended up doing a 180 three separate times. During the second one, we hit the median. Luckily no cars were driving the way we were, but there were lots going the other way. We made it home safe and sound. The trailblazer was still driveable, but the insurance company totalled it.  My grandfather let me take the painting home, and it was safe.


Gma, Gpa, Martin

This wonderful, amazing, patient, loving grandfather passed away this month.  He was able to see his beautiful first wife Nadine and his second beautiful wife (who is pictured here) Laree.  I was unable to go to the funeral; I was heartbroken.  I know it was the right decision, and knew they were both okay with me not being able to make it.

Justin’s family came here for Christmas, and we had them here for almost 2 weeks. It was nice! =D

Hopefully this next year will be better!!

~My Grandma Martin~


After a few days of not working I had a strong feeling that I needed to get to Arizona.  We talked to my family to see when the best time would be and my older sister was throwing her two sons a birthday party on the 12th.  I knew I wanted to be there for their birthday party since I wasn’t able to for the last 2 years.  On the 6th I flew down and was able to spend a full week with my older sister and her family.  It has been a super fun week and I don’t want to leave!  We got word Friday night (10-11-13) that my Grandma Martin passed away.  My dad had wished she would have stayed a little longer for me to see her but I told him she did, she waited till I got to Arizona.  I was so glad that I listened to the feeling of needing to get down there as soon as I could.  The following Sunday (10-13-13) my mom and I drove down to Thatcher, when we got there we stopped at my Grandma Robinson’s house since she had dinner for us waiting.  (Each Sunday all of the Robinson’s still in the area get together at my mom’s house and have dinner. That night my grandmother had it at her place since my mom would be driving home.)  That night I started scanning pictures that my parents had of all of us kids and when they were younger.  I scanned and scanned and scanned.  I thought I had gotten them all when Tuesday night my dad found a drawer full of pictures.  I had my work cut out for me.  My sister’s; Kristen and her 2 boys, Bethanie and her youngest two boys and Stacey came down to Thatcher Wednesday so they could help my dad with the casket for my grandmother.  Thursday night J would be flying into Mesa, Nick and Brook would pick him up at the airport.  They wouldn’t be coming down to Thatcher till Friday evening since Bk had school and a test that day that she couldn’t miss.  Thursday night (early Friday morning) some of our cousins from Mississippi came down for the funeral.  Melissa, Amy, Terry, Tyson, and Danny, we hadn’t seen Melissa and Amy since Grandpa Herbert’s funeral last year, the last time I saw Terry, Tyson and Danny was for their dad’s funeral.

Gma and Kim 1

These two pictures are the most recent ones I have of her and I.  These were taken when the Gila Valley Temple Dedication was going on.

Gma and Kim 2

Friday Morning Melissa, Amy, my mom, my dad, Bethanie, Kristen and I went and dressed Grandma.  It was so peaceful and the spirit was so strong, you could also feel her there.  I could imagine her wrapping her arms around our shoulders and whispering to each one of us how much she appreciates and loves us. That night we went to the viewing, I had gone with my mom so I could help hold the memory cards and pens while she held the tree.  We set it down at the table, walked over to where my grandma was.  We kissed her and hugged Gpa Martin, when I hugged him he said some really nice things to me and told me a few things that made me cry like a baby, he told me how much he appreciated all the calls every week.  I hugged him again and kissed him again and told him how special he was to me and my family.  I then went down the line and the daughters of my grandpa told me how much my grandma loved me.  20 minutes later J walks in with Nick and Bk, I give Gabe (one of my newest nephews) back to his mom Meghan and go and hug J.  I show him the memory tree that Melissa thought of.  We go in and saw hi to my family so he can give them hugs, after awhile of sitting I take him to see Gma and Gpa.  While hugging Gpa again he makes me cry like a baby again and tells me how special I am and how much he appreciated those weekly calls to them.  Before all of the family left Gpa wanted to have a family prayer.  The prayer also made me cry!  I went to go say my final goodbye to my grandmother and one of my grandpa’s daughter in laws hugged me Liz Martin.  She told me how much my calls meant to my gma/gpa and how much my grandmother loved and still loves me.  I was so emotional that night and I still am when I think about it.  I keep telling myself that I need a good cry since I haven’t really cried about my gma’s death.

The next day was the funeral, it was beautiful and I knew she was pleased with how well it turned out.  Sometime during that week my dad came in and showed me his laptop it had on the top “Elder Richardson – Montana Billings, Mission” .  I didn’t know what he wanted me to look at, then I realized he was in the mission in our area.  I asked my dad who he was and he said a cousin of mine.  I’ve never met this cousin and I think it is really cool that he is serving a mission here.  He is in J’s uncles ward now and loves it!

Monday 10-21-13 J and I drove with Kristen to her home in Ogden and stayed with them for the night.  I’m so glad we did because we were able to help her when B-man got car sick!  It was so sad to see him like that, as soon as we got home he was fine.

I’m so glad that we have the knowledge that we will get to see our loved ones again.  A few weeks before my grandma passed away I heard this song on Pandara and loved it.  One of the days I was in Thatcher my dad told me to come see him, when I did he had me listen to the song again.

Such a Bittersweet Friday (9-13-13)

Thursday (9/12/2013) I walked into work and started playing with the play-doh with K. Before H left for work, she told me that they had found a preschool that teaches 4-year-olds and also has a daycare. Then she told me how sorry she was to spring this on me so early. I told her that it was fine. We both agreed that K would be better if she can be with P. A while after H left, I felt like crying. I love those girls! After another while of trying to figure out what was going to happen, two thoughts came into my head: “Now you can go to Arizona, be with your family, and stay as long as you need without feeling bad about taking time off.” and “Now you can be a stay at home mom like you want to be.” I felt better after those thoughts came to mind. When Friday came, it was hard to say goodbye to them.

I know without a doubt that the Lord has a plan for us and he sees the bigger picture. I’m excited to see what he has in store for us now! I’m also excited not to be working again. That way I can go to Arizona and be with my family. Finally, I’m excited that I can stay longer than a week, and not worry about finding someone to watch the girls.

I txted H last night to see how the girls did on their first day, and she said “they seemed to enjoy it. They did ask about you.” I’ll always appreciate H and D for letting me watch their beautiful girls. It was such a great learning experience! I’m looking forward to having some of our own!  =D

Tay and Jess’s Wedding!

Friday morning we started our trek down to Star Valley (7-6-13). We weren’t able to take Tempe with us because there wouldn’t be a good place to keep her while we were there. When we got checked into our motel, we freshened up and went on over to J’s aunt and uncle’s house. While driving there we could see some pretty nasty looking clouds coming towards Bedford, 10-20 minutes after being there we hear Tay’s phone beep.  “Tornado watch?!?” he said, J went around back and looked and didn’t see any funnels or anything. We continued to chat and a few minutes later his phone beeped again with the same warning but also to find shelter if you haven’t already. Again J went and looked and couldn’t find any circulation of clouds at all. After awhile Lush comes out and says that she got the same warning on her phone, and then a touch later her and Tay’s phones go off again with the same warning. J and I walked around back to see what we could see. We just saw some dark clouds and heard thunder every once in awhile but that was all, no rotation in clouds. His uncle decided that we should eat in the garage so we all helped bring things in there, and after 10 minutes of getting our food and sitting down to eat, it started to rain.

That night we got to go over and meet the bride and her family and help set up for the wedding. Lush asked if we wanted to go with her, and we said sure since we were coming back to their house after. On our way we saw huge trees blowing back and forth in the wind, and there was limbs and branches all over the road. I was looking out the back window and saw some awesome lightening. It was a “V” but pointing down and sideways.

When we got to the brides house it wasn’t as bad. We helped set up chairs and then stood talking waiting for the rest of the crew to show up to meet the family. One lady on the bride’s side came out and started talking to us. She told us that someone called the bride’s mom and said that Thayne had 60 mph winds (I believed it). When everyone else showed up, we sat and talked for around an hour. Then Lush said she was gonna go, and since she was our ride, we went with her. Half way in the road was one of the farmer’s sprinklers. Lush stopped so J could get out and moved it.  He came back in, and said that it was very light to move. We got back to their place, watched some home movies, and then shot off some fireworks. J and I realize how late it is and so we say goodnight and head on back to our motel.

The next morning we were invited to go over and brunch with them at 10, but we didn’t make it in time so we went to Tootsie’s.  I was looking on my phone, and it said that the area was supposed to get rain in the afternoon. I was hoping and praying that the weather would be good until after the wedding. The wedding was at 4, and it was so beautiful. They have such a beautiful yard! All afternoon there were dark clouds above the mountains, but luckily they stayed there. After the ceremony we went and congratulated the couple, and then had a bbq (sooooo good!!!). After we all ate, they cut the cake, and it was super beautiful.

J asked me if I would like his mom to take some pictures for us, and I said sure. J’s niece came over and took a few pictures with us as well.  After they got pictures of the bride, groom, and everyone that they wanted pictures with, it started to get windy and then it started to rain. I know that our prayers were answered. After the wedding we went back to the motel to change, and on our way back to his aunt and uncle’s place it started to hail. It was cool!! I tried taking pictures of the lightning, but as soon as the hail started, my arm started to get sore because it was getting hit by hail.

When we got to his aunt and uncle’s house, Chel needed to go get a bottle top for her little boy because he bit right through it. She asked me if I wanted to come, and I said sure so we went into town to get one. While driving we talked about everything that has been going on. It was so nice to be able to hang out with her even for as little as we did. I told her that if they were coming up here anytime soon, she could bring her boy over to the house I babysit in and make cookies. When we got back J’s parents were at the house so we sat and talked with them for awhile before they left to go back to the motel. Later that night we shot off more fireworks, talked about brothers and a lot of other things. We said our goodbyes and left for the night. We left the motel a little before 10am and started our drive back home. I was sad we didn’t get to say goodbye to Lush because the night before she went and hung out with friends at a rodeo.

We had such a great trip, hated that it went by way to fast!

Here are some pictures we got =D from the weekend!!


photo (2)

photo (3)



Some fun pictures that I’ve found.  😀


This picture is one that J’s mom took of us that I love!!


This is little Braxton and I.  I was glad we got to be there for the blessing.


We were able to go to the Gila Valley Temple Dedication and it is one experience I will NEVER forget!!


I love this little girl!! She isn’t so little anymore.


Brooklyn and Zack and I!! Love them to death!!


Trevon and I.




Justin and Zack.  I love this picture… Zack just looking at J.


Me and Zack


First time meeting Tempe…. Where has the time gone?!?


My dad shoots off fireworks for the 4th of July and that year we went to Eloy.


My Dad and J.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work!! But worth it :D.

DSCN0545 DSCN0547 DSC00645

Miss Bk and I.



Justin, nephew Campbell and niece Lindsey. (this was this past Thanksgiving).

What a busy month we’ve had.

I know this is late, but I’ve been meaning to put it up :D.

On March 1st, Justin’s brother Brandon married Stephanie in the Billings Temple; It was amazing to be there. All of J’s family was able to make it (which made it more special). On Monday, February 25, Marshall and his family arrived, and I asked them if they would mind if their two kids Callen and Lindsey came and played with the girls I babysit. I was thinking for a few hours, but they came with me all day to work and it was so nice! They were a big help whenever I needed. After work we went to the store and bought them one treat each for being so good. On Thursday I took them to work with me again, and appreciated all the help that they gave me. We didn’t have time to get them treats that night since it was time for Stephanie’s bridal shower.  After the shower, Justin and I drove up to Billings to stay the night and we were able to get a hotel for us, Uncle Mal, Aunt Alesia, and cousin Lush.  We didn’t get to billings till around 8:30-9, we checked in, grabbed Lush, and went for dinner at Taco Bell!! (Oh, how I miss Taco Bell!!). Afterwards we went to Walmart and bought some shorts for me. Then we went back to the hotel to swim (well they did, I just stuck my feet in). It was nice to be able to get caught up with Lush and her life. The next morning we checked out and went to the Temple to meet up with the rest of the family.  It was a beautiful ceremony. Whenever we go to a Temple wedding it always reminds me of Justin and mine’s sealing. After the wedding we started to take pictures, and thank goodness we were defiantly blessed with good weather!  There were dark clouds over the Temple, and it was just so beautiful.

Billings Temple

While everyone was doing pictures, it started to get windy.  After almost everyone left, Justin and I decided to leave as well and meet up with everyone to go and eat. We all met up at Golden Corral (another one of my all time favorites growing up) and had a good meal while visiting with families and friends.  Afterwards Lush came with Justin and I and we shopped around a little bit before we had to come back to Burlington for their reception. During the reception we got to see some friends; Even some friends we haven’t seen in months because they moved to Laramie. The next day we went to another wedding that was in Powell for a friend.

I recieved a free Easter egg dyeing kit from build-a-bear when I ordered Stephanie’s bridal gift, so I thought it would be fun to color eggs with the girls I watch.  They had a lot of fun coloring them!  On March 21st I had J come back and hide plastic easter eggs around their backyard, and as soon as he was done we went out to find them. They had so much fun finding them and it was so cute watching P help K. I had thought that Easter was that weekend and so thats why I did it, but only came to realize that Easter was the following week. I didn’t mind though. The girls had fun and so did J and I.  While we were looking for the eggs, it got really cold so when we found all but 1 we decided to go inside and warm up.  A few minutes after being inside the wind picked up and started to snow hard.