Where We Come From

Justin comes from a very loving home. He has 7 people in his family (including his parents). His family consists of Wilfred (Bill), Andrea, Marshall (Moe), Kris, Brandon, Justin, and Thomas. Justin’s parents are always willing to to stop what they are doing and help someone in need. They love everyone, work hard, and have instilled that in all of their children. They have seen them countless times helping someone in need, whether it be a family member, friend, or acquaintance.

Moe is married to Hannah and they have 2 great children, Callen and Lindsey. They are very outdoorsy people and love to fish, hike, anything outdoors!!
Kris is married to Angela and they have 4 handsome boys, Brayton, Mondell, Weston and Campbell. They love to be in plays and sing. They are very good at it!!
Brandon works as a pharmacists.
Justin is married to me!  We have 1 dog – Tempe and 1 cat Cali.  We love to play games together, go camping, traveling, and play with our nieces and nephews.
Thomas is married to Sumer. They have 1 cat name Stretch.
The Herbert Family
Kim also comes from a loving family of 7 (including her parents). Her family consists of Brent, Diane, Bethanie, Kimberly (Kim), Kristen, Jordan and Stacey. Kim’s parents taught their children to love one another, work hard, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, and to stop what your doing and help someone in need. There have been countless times that Kim has seen her father and mother stop and help people in need, and know they were setting an example for her and her siblings.
Bethanie is married to Nick and they have 2 children (with one on the way), the beautiful Brooklyn and the handsome Zach. They are also outdoorsy people and play games.
This is us, Kim and Justin!
Kristen is married to Michael (aka Maverick) and they have 2 handsome boys, Trevon and Braxton. They also love to be outdoors and play games.
Jordan is married to Meghan, and they have 1 little boy on the way.  They love animals and reptiles.


Stacey is married to Jace, and they have 1 dog, Harley. Harley is so funny she thinks she is a lapdog but she’s big.

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